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Nick Clegg speaking at Chatham House, London

War on Drugs: Time for a Strategic Retreat?

War on Drugs: Time for a Strategic Retreat?

During a joint appearance at Chatham House on Wednesday with Sir Richard Branson, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg noted that a considerable number of MPs in Parliament across party lines privately acknowledge the failings of current UK drug policy, yet lack the political courage to do so in public. Following on their op-ed in The

Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg

UK’s Liberal Democrats Pledge Drug Decriminalisation

The Liberal Democrats, the minority party in the UK’s coalition government, have announced a pledge to decriminalise the possession of all illegal drugs. Decriminalisation is inherently different from legalisation; the latter refers to the regulation of the product (such as with alcohol and tobacco), whereas the former retains the illegality of the substance’s production and