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Woman smoking marijuana (stock image)

Today’s BBC Article About Skunk is Objectively Terrible. Here’s Why.

Today’s BBC Article About Skunk is Objectively Terrible. Here’s Why.

“Good science should be about proving something beyond any reasonable doubt, not about drawing hasty conclusions because of a correlation.”   I was very disappointed to see that the BBC decided to run this story about the dangers of skunk today – not because it says something bad about marijuana, but because it’s actually based

Police exercise stop-and-search among London youths

UK Government Report Describes Futility of Drug Laws

The UK government has released a report illustrating the inability of punitive drugs laws to curb drug use. Additionally, a parliamentary debate – led by Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas – has taken place to consider the effectiveness of contemporary drug legislation and alternative approaches. The Home Office – the British governmental department responsible for

Jonathan Yates (Photo: The Gloucester Citizen)

Elderly UK Cancer Patient Avoids Jail Over Marijuana

In an unprecedented development, a British judge has avoided punishing a man for possessing, growing, and supplying marijuana. The defendant, grandfather Jonathan Yates, is in remission from throat cancer, and has described using marijuana to self-medicate. The Gloucester Citizen reported that Yates, 65, admitted smoking “three joints before [going] to bed” each day to treat